Watch Our Retirement Educational Videos

Learn The Basics: Fixed Index Annuities 101

​Learn About:

  • Benefit from market gains without any of the market risk
  • ​How fixed annuities work, such as how they earn interest
  • Provide income you cannot outlive
  • Protect your principal from loss
  • Provide a reasonable rate of return

The CD Alternative ... learn why MYGAs may be a better option for your money

Watch this video to learn about:

  • How MYGAs and Certificates of Deposits (CDs) work
  • Why MYGAs typically have double the interest rates of CDs
  • The tax benefits of MYGAs vs CDs
  • Why MYGAs are considered to be a Safe Money Places financial product

The Personal Pension Plan

​Learn About:

  • Why your retirement needs may have changed over the years
  • What the "3-Legged Financial Stool" concept is and how it works
  • How to determine your current and/or future retirement income needs
  • The difference between essential and discretionary income
  • How to create your own Personal Pension Plan for retirement

Learn how Wealth Transfer works and protects your heirs from the tax time bomb

​​Watch this video to learn about:

  • Transferring wealth at the lowest possible rate of taxation
  • Which wealth transfer products are available to you
  • The "tax time bomb" and how it affects your heirs' taxes
  • How to use the accelerated death benefits to help cover the costs associated with chronic illness
  • Why single premium life instantly increases the size of your estate

Joint First To Die Life Insurance

​Learn About:

  • Why most couples need more life insurance coverage
  • The importance of protecting the surviving spouse
  • Why Joint First To Die Life Insurance is typically less expensive than purchasing 2 separate life insurance policies
  • How it works and the benefits Joint Life provides
  • Why this policy works for most married couples at any stage of their lives